Адрес строительной компании Mogilev, street left Dubrovenka 32
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Investor relations

Since 2008, Gradstroialyance, LLC has grown from a small company conducting renovation and maintenance activities to a big company carrying out ambitious residential and commercial construction projects. Our company's portfolio includes a wide range of completed projects: office buildings, industrial facilities, educational facilities, etc. We have our own construction machinery and equipment, and rent them out to other construction companies. Gradstroialyance, LLC is committed to a philosophy of quality, integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction. That's why we're honored to be among the most reliable companies in our region. Such a positive image allows us to get best plots of land for our projects. Currently we are looking for investors who will help us to realize projects in the center of the city. It should be noted that such projects are attractive for local developers and potential investors as the demand for residential and commercial spaces in such locations is high.

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