Адрес строительной компании Mogilev, street left Dubrovenka 32
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Gradstroialyance, LLC

About us

Gradstroialyance, LLC has an extensive experience in the field of construction, as a general contractor, developer and investor. It is one of the largest construction companies in the Mogilev region, and it is has been among the first to develop residential and commercial real estate in the center of the city.

Throughout its history, our company has built more than one million square meters of commercial and residential properties. Every year the company increases its construction capacity, and pays serious attention to the improvement of professional skills of its personnel.

 The desire to be competitive on the market and to be able to realize ambitious projects inspires the company to adopt advanced technologies and use new building materials.



  • Commercial and residential property construction;
  • All types of construction work:

Public engineering, construction engineering, carpentry, plasterwork, scaffold/construction work,
stone work, roof work, electrical work, piping work, tile/brick/block work, steel construction, steel reinforcement, paving, dredging, glass work, coating work, waterproofing, interior finishing, water facilities work etc.;

  • Construction machinery and equipment rental:

Crane, tipper, concrete mixer truck, aerial platform, backhoe loader, backhoe etc.

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