Адрес строительной компании Mogilev, street left Dubrovenka 32
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Строительная компания ГрадСтройАльянс - застройщик Могилева

Our main goal is to give the opportunity to the greatest number of people to improve their housing conditions. With an extensive knowledge of construction industry in general and its economic aspects in particular, our professional team will be able to prevent you from making costly mistakes when buying a new home - the most important purchase of your life. Gradstroialyance is committed to a philosophy of quality and customer satisfaction, the company manages to provide high quality homes for its customers at the lowest possible prices.

Our construction company has all the necessary legal and technical documentation needed for carrying out all types of construction works. Our task is to make your home safe, comfortable, durable, and to improve the appearance of our city - Mogilev!

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